Tuesday 17 February 2015

Crochet: Big Blanket with "Granny Solid Square"

Hello, This project is my biggest project ever!
Whole process was very enjoyable for me... took very very long time from me BUT at the end I proud of myself!

One of my friend told me that she bought 2 pillows for her living room, and she adores the pillows. Because she was looking for them for a long time then she saw in the shop and she suddenly bought them without asking the prise :)
Here is the pillow:

I said, OK, I will make a blanket for your living room... Important things the colours... so I tried to find right colors for her, Checked with the pillow... then finally found the colors...

After then I created a Diagram of my project with Excel, here is the Diagram of my project:
according of the pillow, I put the orange colours in the middle, and all borders are turquoise green/blue...

I have already decided to make Granny Solid Square Blanket for her, so after the Diagram work, I started to make solid grannt squares, 126 Granny Square I ve done!!

Then Of course combined each of them together.
This part was the painful process to be honest!
Square to Square, stitch to stitch !!!!


BUT at the end I had AMAZING Blanket!
Now time to give/send it to my friend! Let's see her reaction about it!

For my this project I used those videos and tutorials:
I used 4 mm hook and Nako Baby, Luks Minnos Yarn (total 4 yarn + 1 solid blue one)

Here is my Digram:

Video: How to Invisibly Seam Granny Squares

Have a great day,

Oya Mearns

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