Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Crochet:not Shawl, SHAWLETTE :))

This is for Zerrin.... Hope she likes my surprise gift :)

I used 3.5 balls of light brown
and 1.5 balls green.
HOOK: 6mm

I really like Tamara Kelly's web page Moogly! She is amazing person and lovely patterns she shares! Thanks for that thousands of thousands time!
So I saw this pattern in her side and here is the result:



Written Tutorial : LINK
Video Tutorial: LINK

Chart - Main Part:

Chart- Edge part:


My lovely friend Zerrin liked the shawl:) She send me very worm lovely message back:) and also her husband and my very old friend Cuneyt also liked it :))))))) lots of love tp you guys:)


Also I used the same pattern for different friend as a gift:)

Have a Great day everyone, Cheers.

Friday, 16 December 2016

Crochet: Granny Square Coverlet

Hello again:)
This time I have been doing a big project for my dear friend Rhona.
It will be a coverlet for her bed and we chose the colors accordingly her bedroom.

I used NAKO Lüks Minnoş (99076, 1986, 214, 208 ve 969)
Hook: 3.0 mm
Size: for the half of the double size bed:
         250cm x 140cm
We choose the colors first then I created the combination of the colors. We have 5 colors and WHİTE is the main color.
White, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue and Gray.
I made an excel worksheet of the color combinations.
So I had 48 unique squares. Then I started to crocheting with them:)
AND TOTAL 20 x 13 = 260 squares





Pattern: Link to page
Rnd 1 –  sl knot, ch4, dc 11 on the 4th ch from the hook. slst to the ch at the beginning of the round.
Rnd 2 –  ch3, dc into same st , ch1, *2dc into next st, ch1, repeat * for 11 times. slst to the ch at the beginning of the round.
Rnd 3 –  ch3, 2dc into same space, ch1, *3dc into next chain space, ch1 , repeat * for 11 times. slst to the ch at the beginning of the round.
Rnd 4 –   ch3, 1 granny cluster, *1 granny corner, 2 granny clusters repeat * for 3 times, 1 granny corner, 2dc into next chain space. slst to the 4ch space at the beginning of the round.
Rnd 5 – ch3, 2dc into next chain space, ch1, 1 granny cluster, ch1, *1 granny corner, 3 granny clusters, repeat * for 3 times, 1granny corner, 1 granny cluster. slst to the 3rd ch at the beginning of the round.
Granny cluster pattern : 3dc into next chain space, ch1
Granny corner pattern : 3dc into next chain space, ch2, 3dc into the same chain space, ch1

I used "join as you go" methot.



12 WAYS TO JOIN GRANNY SQUARES: link to web page






Oya Mearns
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