Monday 13 October 2014

Crochet: another ZIGZAG (Chevron) Stitch.

OCTOBER! The temperatures are dropping:( Autumn is on the way. Time to make ourself warm.
I decided to make a new shawl for my Autumn season. I would like to have soft and a little bid breathable shawl. So I found this pattern, it is lovely and really easy to make. Honestly also it looks interesting and modern.

You will find the diagram and Video Tutorial of this pattern below.
All you need cone of yarn and a hook:)
What I used: 3.5 mm hook, and different colour yarn. (But of course you can use 1 colour, I like colourful )


if you are not comfortable to read the diagram here is the Video Tutorial waits for you:)
Video Tutorial: by Tamara Kelly

Have a great day.,   Oya Mearns


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