Tuesday 16 September 2014

Crochet: BOX STITCH - Diagonal or Straight.

When I saw this stitch, absolutely LOVE it! Another great stitch. It is so simple and fast.
It can be used for shawls, scarf, baby blankets.
Actually I have done both, Diagonal and Straight.
Here are the links (below) of 2 different types of Crochet which definitely help you before start your project. And I strongly advice to you that you should watch the video tutorials to get idea of increasing/decreasing boxes,
And you can use 1 colour or different colour in every line.. depends on your feelings :)
DIAGONAL Style- Corner to Corner: 
You are starting with 1 box, then 2 boxes, then 3 boxes, ... suddenly you will see it will easily build up. Every beginning of the line you are adding 1 box.
Do the corner to corner until the side has reached the across distance you need.
If you stop both sides from growing at the same time will cause your blanket to be square.
If you would like to have a rectangular blanket, continue to grow in one direction only, then start decreasing when you get to the length.
VIDEO Tutorial : Corner to Corner Afghan Project by Michael Sellick - The Crochet Crowd
WRITTEN Tutorial : How to crochet diagonally by the lazy hobby hopper

VIDEO Tutorial 1 : The straight box stitch by CrochetCabana
VIDEO Tutorial 2 : by Yolanda Soto Lopez
VIDEO Tutorial 3 : by eHowArtsAndCrafts
WRITTEN Tutorial: Straight box stitch by CrochetCabana

I used NAKO, Baby Luks Minnos Yarn and NAKO Astra Yarn
and Hook size : 3.5

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