Thursday 11 September 2014

Summary about my addiction to “CROCHET” .

I have had a lot of “crochet & knitting” projects.  All of them have been given to my friends for their babies, or my daughter and son’s fashion requests, my neighbor’s kids and even as gifts to my work colleagues.

Then I realized I have NO list of my projects and description of the patterns, edging  which I have done till today. So, that’s why I have created this blog. I thought some of you can get some ideas, or maybe learn the patterns and how you can make it.

I have been “Crocheting/Knitting” since the beginning of 2014. To be honest I had NO idea, what’s so ever, about “Crocheting”.  I hadn’t even touched a hook. I did know knitting before, but nothing about “crocheting” .

I searched the internet, watched a lot of videos, then I started to do it from the beginning.  I saw early on many new terms like,  “chain”, “double Crochet”, “single crochet”, “slip stitch”,…” to name but a few.  However, now, I have come a long way and my crocheting has progressed and improved a lot!

So, I decided that I should keep my projects in a place where anyone could reach them easily.  That is why I have started this blog.  It will  be the library of my projects. Much better for me to find, and of course, give a better idea to help people who ever wants to get into this wonderful pastime.

Also, sometimes in my blog I would like to share pictures from my life. I have 2 dogs (Brian and Eddie) and a cat (BIDIK). 

Believe me they have been with me on my journey. They interfere with my yarn, hooks, and I am often found by my husband frantically searching under cushions, chairs and even doggy beds for my materials.  They even like to join in, while I am counting stitches or rewinding my yarnJ

All my posts will be published for helping to you. BUT of course if you would like to DONATE for my “piggy bank”, I can then get some more yarn for my projects and share with you. If you do so, you will find the “DONATE” button at the top of the blog :)

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Have a good day everyone !
Oya Mearns

AND Here is My LIFE ! I am HAPPY :)

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  1. This blanket is going to my Aunt!!! She will LOVEEE it:)