Wednesday 17 September 2014

Crochet: CLOSE RIPPLE (or Wave - Chevron - ZigZag - Rugged Ripples) STITCH

Hi there.!
This time I will try to explain and compile one of my favorite style of Crochet.
Very simple, very fast , very easy and most important very pleasant  to do.
I love to play with colours, gives me a lot of fun. Using different colours is so fun and magical. After a while looking at the colourful "zig-zag" effect makes me mesmerised.

I found that there are a lot of ways to do this pattern and it has a lot of different names. People calls; Ripple, Wave, Chevron, ZigZag,Rugged Riples,...
I choose to call it : "Zig-Zag" Stitch.:)

This stitch has various combinations:
  • Some people make it with only Double Crochet (dc), ot only Single Crochet (sc), even mixed (dc and sc). 
  • Some people use ONLY back loops (takes more time but looks excellent) or standard way (passing through 2 loops together).
  • You can do with one colour only, or change the colour in every row, maybe in 2 rows, 
  • This pattern stitch is all about increasing and decreasing.

  • Explanation of my works:

Foundation Chain line : Multiple of 14, plus extra 2 chains.
1 "Wave" = 14 ch. , I've done 14 Waves = 196 ch. + 2 = 198 ch. was my foundation line.

I used NAKO Luks Minnos yarn and NAKO Astra yarn with hook size 3.5 .

FIRST Line is the important one, you must be careful while counting. After then everything will be easy for you.

I  use  dc and  dc3tog for my project, but also you will find another combination below.

dc3tog: DoubleCrochet 3 stitches Together : yarn over(yo) hook, insert hook in stitch(st), pull up a loop(lp), 3 loops on hook.   yo hook, pull through 2 loops, 3lps on hook.   yo, INSERT hook in the NEXT stitch, yo, pull up a lp, 5 lps on the hook.   yo, draw through 2 lps, 4 lps left on hook.   yo draw through all 4 lps left on the hook.
Diagram of my work: (you will find the Video Tutorial below of this section)

Here is the gorgeous blanket which I ve done for one of my friends new born baby girl:)

and here is the Blanket of my 26 years old daugther Ayca:) She loves to use this while watching TV in the late Winter nights :) (behind of the blanket is ME by the way )

VIDEO Tutorial : by The Crochet Crowd

  • Another combination of this Stitch:
Foundation Chain line : Multiple of 12, plus extra 3 chains. 

dc2tog: double crochet 2 stitches together: Yarn over (YO) hook, insert hook in stitch(st) , pull up a loop, 3 loops on hook.  YO hook, pull through 2 loops.  YO hook insert in next st, pull up a loop, 4 loops on hook.  YO, pull through 2 loops, 3 loops on hook.  YO pull through last 3 loops.  that's it !

VIDEO Tutorial: by VeryPink Knits

  • As I told you some peole use ONLY BackLoops, and Single Crochet, So if you wanna have some ideas about it here is the Video: by  Pip Lincolne
When you finish your project I would like to see it too, could you please send me a picture of it? 
Now time to have a cup of coffee, Cheers ! 
Have a great day.  Oya Mearns

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