Monday 15 September 2014

Crochet : Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch Blanket

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I learned (and still I learn) everything about "Crochet" from Internet. I watched a lot of videos, tutorials, and also I read a lot of documents about "crochet".  So fun and so nice to create something which you like, right?

So here is one of my favourite pattern: Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch !
Very Classic ! Very beautiful !


You can find a lot of information about this stitch in the Internet, but I will compile everything about this stitch for you and put them together in here; tutorial links, video links, even pattern chart.
So please try it, honestly you will have brilliant moments while doing it.
I used NAKO Vizon Yarn and Hook size :5mm

Some important notes:
  • All stitches made in the BACK LOOP ONLY!
  • trtr sistch (triple treble): Yarn over 4 times, insert your hook in to the next stitch. *Yarn over pull up a loop and pull through 2 loops.*Repeat until you have worked through all loops. This is a very long stitch. 
  • Always be going in the SAME DIRECTION on the row where you are making the fans.

  1. Chain : a multiple of 9  + 1 .  (I started with a chain of 136 to make this blanket 15 fans wide)
    So depends on your project make a chain, then start in the second chain from the hook
  2. *sc in each of the next 4 st, 3 sc in the next, then another sc in each of the next 4 st.*
    Repeat this until end of the chain. turn,
  3. 1 ch, * skip 1 sc. 1 sc in each of the next 4 st., 3 sc in the next one, 1 sc in each of the next 4 st. Skip 1 sc. * keep repeating this to the end of the row. turn.
  4. same as row 3. turn.
  5. ch 1, slip-stitch in to the next 3st, (Back Loop ONLY). ch 6, a trtr in each of the next 2 st, 3 trtr in the next one, a trtr in each of the next 3st. Skip 2 sc. *skip 2 sc, 3 trtr in each of the next 3 sc, 3 trtr in the next, and trtr in each of the next 3 sc. Skip 2 sc*b keep repating this to the end of the row, ch1, turn.
Keep repeating rows 2,3.4 and 5. to continue the pattern.

Here is the chart of this pattern: pls CLICK (by Janis Cortese)
Here is the brilliant Tutorial of this pattern : pls CLICK (by a Creative Being)
Here is the Video Tutorial  : Pls CLICK
Here is the Video 2 : Pls CLICK.

and here is the full Diagram of this pattern;

This Blanket will be a Lap Blanket for my Dear Aunt.
I hope this gives you some ideas for your next project.

And here the idea of my EDGE:
1- Ch6 + Ch3 : between the edges:
2- Single Crochet (sc) for the second round: 

3- Third and last round sc all around.

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Oya Mearns


  1. I said this is for my Aunt, but maybe for my mum actually ! Anyway I will post 2 of them to their address, and i want them to choose.. but i am sure they will looooove them!

  2. How do I get a patern for this beautiful crochet blanket?

  3. wow this is a beautiful pattern

  4. Would this be okay for a baby blanket? Would it be the right size with the directions given? I am pretty new crafter

  5. The written instructions for this pattern are incorrect. On row 5 it reads as follows
    "3 trtr in each of the next 3 sc" and it should read "1 trtr in each of the next 3sc".
    The way it is written now means for you to crochet 3 trtr's in each sc with a total of 9trtr's. Please correct this as it was time consuming to go back and redo. thank you!

  6. Hello my name is Rita, I think this blanket is beautiful. I am going to try this blanket. Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Thank you for this pattern Interested in any others you have. Thanks again!!