Wednesday 24 September 2014

2-hole WAVE BLANKET (another RIPPLE stitch)

I would like to share one of my lovely blanket, I am still working on it, it will be for my best friend.

I used colourful yarn for this project but you can use different colours in each 2 rows. I looks brilliant. Next time I will use different colours.

On this project you need to know what "2dctog" means. Here is the explanation of it:
2dctog:  : (double crochet 2 stitches together) 
Yarn over (YO) hook, insert hook in stitch , pull up a loop, 3 loops on hook.  YO hook, pull through 2 loops.  YO hook insert in next st, pull up a loop, 4 loops on hook.  YO, pull through 2 loops, 3 loops on hook.  YO pull through last 3 loops.  One dc2tog made.

You need 17 chains for every repeat of the pattern. (Multiple 17 ch.)
in here I am trying to explain this pattern with 34 chains. 
but ofcourse you make/calculate chains according of your project. For example I ve done 170 chains for my blanket.
PS: I use the standard way to do it, BUT if you use "back loop ONLY" looks much much more amazing!

make 1dc in the 4th ch from the hook. (unworked 3 chains count as 1dc).
then make 1dc in following next 6 ch. (now you have 7dc+ first 3ch count as 1dc)
then make 2 chain.
then 1dc in the same stitch.
then 1dc in following 7ch. (which means 7 times: 1dc in 1 ch.)
then skip 2ch.
then 1dc following ch. (repeat 7 times more)
then make 2 ch.
then 1dc in the same stitch.
then 7 times make 1dc in each ch. then turn.

make 3 ch. then make 2dctog in following 2 ch.
then make 5 times 1dc in 1ch.
then make 1 dc in 2ch-space,
make 2 ch
and again 1dc in the same 2ch-space,
then 7 times make 1dc in 1 ch.
then skip 2 stitches
then 7 dc in each stitch.
then 1dc in 2ch-space,
make 2 ch.
then 1dc in 2ch-space,
then 5 times dc in each st.
then make 2dctog and 1dc at the end of the st.

R3 and ... : Repeat R2 as many times as you need to.

IMPORTANT thing is at the end of the rows, in last 3 stitchec, you will make dctog then 1 dc.
beginning of the rows , you will make 3 ch, then dctog.
Because of that your blanket's right and left sides will be strait,

I was inspired by Yolanda Soto-Lopez. (you will find her Video Tutorial below)
Video Tutorial : by Yolanda Soto-Lopez

and here is my lovely blanket! Isn't it nice?

I will explain this EDGE now;
1- start anywhere, make 2 ch.
2- skip 2ch, make 1dc then 3ch. and make 2 more dc in the previous space.
3- then skip 3 ch. make 1 slip st. then 2 ch., and repeat 2 and 3 steps.

Have a Great day:) ,  Oya Mearns
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