Monday 12 December 2016

Crochet: Single Bed Cover - Granny Squares

Time is Granny Square time:)
and this is a single bed cover for my friends: FINDIKOGLU family:)


I used NAKO Vizon and Vega (the same style of yarn)
I used 4mm Hook.
Vizon-1249, Leylak (2)
Vizon-6684, orta Mürdüm (3)
Vega-10679, üzüm (6)
Vega-194, sis gri (6)
2.10x1.20 cm bed cover = 91 squares total

My friend bought the yarns and send them to me.

I made 91 squares and I combined them "as you go" methot.


I have done this pattern before so you can find it in my old post:
Crochet: "Table Runner" with Granny Squares, Granny Solid SquaresLINKS:
How to crochet a granny squares: Video Tutorial (from Bella Coco)
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How to crochet and join granny squares: Video Tutorial  (from Very Pink Knits)
Written (with the diagram) Tutorial of Granny Square  (from rensfibreart)
Granny Tutorial written/pictures Tutorial  (from The Purl Bee)

Joining Crchet Granny Squares: Join As-You-Go Methot
Video Tutorial: by the corner of craft
Written Tutorial: by my rose valley


Then finished and I have sent/posted  to my friends house ... they live in a different city of mine:) They liked it! Looooved it! (they said so :))

Oya Mearns
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