Friday 11 December 2015

Crochet: Scarf for a baby girl

Hello :)
This time I made a scarf to ome of my friend's daughter BADE :)
Last year I made a blanket for her, now she is getting bigger and her mum said to me that she need a scarf:) Then I made this scarf for 1 day!

Easy, and very useful.

I used 1 little bid more than 1 ball yarn, if you don't make any fringes 1 ball is enough.
NAKO, Lolipop, 80430
80cm x 10 cm
147 chains total
All Single Crochet, But BACK LOOPS ONLY !
I have done 10 cm first then after 22 stitch later I create 12 chains and miss 12 stitches continue 10 cm more again...

For the adges I made some Picot Stitches. Here is the Video Tutorial.

At the end I made some fringes and 2 little flower:
I learned from this video

Mini Flower Video Tutorial


That's it! Very nice and simple isn't it :)
anddd my gift is ready to go :)

Have a great day,
Oya Mearns

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