Tuesday 10 March 2015

Crochet: Chevron Lace Blanket

Here I am again! This time I have just started a nice shawl for one of my old friend.
I have done this type of pattern before, but when I see from "MOOGLY"'s blog page, I couldn't stop mysel to do again! I had some nice yarns which I bought them before, so I decided to use them for this reason. No idea what it will come along at the end. But when I finish it I promise I will share with you the pictures. Here is the pattern of my this project.
(You will find the diagram and the link of  Written Tutorial of this pattern from Tamara's blog (Moogly))

Written Tutorial: Moogly

and also I ve done this type of (similar) pattern before so here are the links of those (from my blog):

Shawl for SpringTime Nights - Ripple Style

another ZIGZAG (Chevron) Stitch.

2-hole WAVE BLANKET (another RIPPLE stitch)

Afghan RIPPLE, WAVE Stitch.

CLOSE RIPPLE (or Wave - Chevron - ZigZag - Rugged Ripples) STITCH

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