Friday 12 December 2014

Christmas is everywhere..and it is "on the air" for my Weblog..

December! Cold, rainy... I don't like this type of weather! Very depressing really !
Maybe everybody feels the same so that"s why we all put some colourful lights, mainly red and green colours are in every where! Those decorations makes me happy! There are  a lot of positive feelings, wishes in the air! Brilliant!
This time I met Dear Sarah-Jayne, I found her in Instagram, She is absolutely brilliant person! and I really loved some of her projects, and suddenly I did try and have done beautiful decoration materials, LOVE them.
You will find some of my projects pictures in below, but I would like to share her blog, and youtube videos with you. I learned from those and hope you try to do... pls do it, very enjoyable and very easy to make them! I have done a lot and I gave as a gift to my friends and to family members!
Time to make for myself now :)
Project 1 : Mini Crochet Christmas Stocking : Tutorial (Pls click)
                       If you prefer to watch the VIDEO Tutorial (Pls Click)

I have done exactly what she was telling us, and also I have made some little ones with a little bid changes. Here are some ideas from me too:



Mini ones are soooo cute, aren't they! so lovely!!!!

Project 2: Crochet Star  Tutorial (Pls click)
                      If you prefer to watch the VIDEO Tutorial (Pls Click)
PS: after a while I have changed the middle of the snowflakes crochet stitches, I have done "puff stitches" and much more puffy looks I have got:)
here is the VIDEO of "Puff Stitch" : pls click on this....
And here are the result of my works :)


AND also I loveeeeee the SnowFlakes! I have learned from "The Crochet Crowd"
Project 3 : Crochet SnowFlake:   VIDEO Tutorial (Pls Click)
                       And here are the result of my works :)



some more pictures of them:

Have a Great XMAS to everyone!
Oya Mearns

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