Tuesday 5 April 2016

Crochet: Motif Motif Blanket....

This time I learned something NEW and loooove it!
So I decided to use this pattern for my daughter, because I would like to make a double size blanket for her. And very easy to work with the Motifs one by one, collect them according of the size then merge them..

I used Nako, Nakolen (194) - 7 bals
and Nako, Nakolen Dreams (31464) - 12 bals
I made 80 squares: (8 squares x 10 squares )
Hook: 4 mm

I used colorfull balls for first 7 row, then I used the grey balls for the last 2 rows(8. and 9.rows)
First, make 3 ch, then make circle,
1 row- 3 ch, and 11 dc in that circle (total 12 dc)
2 row- 3 ch, and 1 dc ın the same stitch, then make 2 dc in each of 11 stitch (total 24 dc)
3 row- in this row: 1 dc, 2 dc. 1dc, 2dc.....ın each of stitch (total 36 dc)
4 row- like 3.row, again 1 dc, 2 dc. 1dc, 2dc.....ın each of stitch (total 54 dc)
5 row- now like this: 1dc, 1dc, 2dc, 1dc, 1dc, 2 dc.....each of stitch (total 72 dc)
6 row - now we will make all sc, but like this: sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,2sc,..... I mean 8 sc in each 8 stitches then 2sc the next one... (total 80 sc)
7 row- again dc we will make, like this: dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,2dc,...... I mean 9dc in each stitches then 2dc the next one...(total 88 dc)
8 row- now I changed the color for lart 2 rows: in this row we will make this circle a square, like this:
5dc in the same st, 1dc,1dc,1hdc,1hdc,1hdc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc,sc (11 times), 1hd,1hdc,1hdc,1dc,1dc, 5dc,..... as you understand that 5dc's makes the corners.
9 row- in the last row, corners will be the middle of the previous 5dc, I mean we will make 5dc in the third st of the perevious 5dc: and will go on like this:
5dc, dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc(6 times), hdc,hdc,hdc,...(13 times), dc,dc,dc,dc,dc,dc(6 times), 5dc,..........
fasten off.



 Written Tutorial: from Red Heart
Written Tutorial: from yarnspirations - English Ver.
Video Tutorial:How to Crochet A Blanket: Circle in the Square Afghan

Have a great day,
Oya Mearns

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