Tuesday 16 June 2015

Crochet: Seashell Pattern for Blankets

Hi everyone;
I decided to make a blanket for a Baby Boy, as a gift to my friend. And I found excellent pattern. So I would like to share with you.

The pattern is created in multiples of 12 chains +1 ,
so you can size it to fit whatever you are making (scarf, blanket, baby blanket, etc.).
I made a baby blanket and honestly works up quickly:)

I used "NAKO Baby Tweed, Joyful New yarn- 81046"  and a 4.5mm hook. and started with 133 chains.
For more information you can watch : the Video Tutorial : by Yolanda Soto Lopez
Written Pattern Example : for 37 chains (12x3)+1
1- make 37 chains
2- make SC on each chain, turn
3- make 5 chains and 1 DC in the same st., ,
*[skip 3 st., make 5 SC on next 5 st., skip 3 st.,
make (DC+2 ch+DC+2ch+DC) on next st., ] *  repeat between *
skip 3 st,, make 5 SC on next 5 st, skip 3 st.,
and on last st. make 1 DC+2ch+1DC. Turn.
4- make 3 ch, make 4 DC in the space,
*[skip 2 st, make 3 SC, then make 4 DC in the space, make 1 DC on the previous DC, then again make 4 DC in the next space, ]*  repeat between *
skip 2 st, make 3 SC, then make 4 DC in the last space and make 1 DC top of the 3 ch from previous chan. turn,
5- make 1 ch and 1 SC in the same st.,
make 2 more SC on the next 2 ch,
*[skip 3 st,
make  (DC+2 ch+DC+2ch+DC) in the same st, (this is the middle of the SC from previous row),
skip 3 st, make 5 SC on next 5st, ]* repeat
skip 3 st, and make 3 SC next 3 st,, turn
6- make 1 ch, and 1 SC in the same st, then make 1 SC on the next st,
then go to ch-space and make 4 DC in the same space,
then make 1 DC on the previous DC, then again make 4 DC in the next space,
then make 3 SC on middle of the 5sc from previous line,
then repeat, end of the line, make 2 SC on last 2 st.
and REPEAT line 3,4,5,6


I did not finish yet, when I finish I will decide the edge, then I will share with you in here with the pictures, so talk to you soon:)

Have a great day,
Oya Mearns

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