Monday 5 January 2015

Crochet: "Chain Links" for Xmas :)

Hi there,
Finally we are in 2015 :)
May the Season be bright and the year that's ahead turn out to be just right. With warmest wishes for Good Health and Happiness.
I wish you to have a Wonderful New Year !

anyway let's turn back to our "Crochet" again:)
while walking on the street I saw very nice paper ribbons on the shopwindow' they put it corner to corner, green, red and white! LOVE it.. I thought myself maybe I can do it like this with my hook :) When I came back to my home, started! I finished quickly because I would like to give it to my special friend IREM as a Xmas Gift!  She loved it and she send me a picture of it from her home:)Look at this, lovely! isn't it?

To be honest, it is very EASY and so much fun doing it!
Get your yarn and hook then start!
Here is the "Diagram" of it:

as you see, all single crochet!
Depends on your yarn and hook size, you can decide how many chains to make.. maybe you would like to start with 8 chains? or maybe 12 chains? I started with 10 chains. and 24 rows.

However when you made your second "CHAIN", before close it, you have to combine it with the first "CHAIN" then close it! Like this:

Then start to 3rd one... and combine it like this:

and go on ....
You can make a lot of "CHAIN"s,

You can use it as a CHAIN LINK like this


Or maybe you would like to make circle Chain Link!

I choose only red, green and white.. because I made a Xmas gift! But if you use different colours for each CHAINs,  honestly it will look excellent! You can decorate your party with it :)

Hope you like it,
Have fun!

Have a great day,
Oya Mearns

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