Wednesday 10 December 2014


I have been doing a blanket for my friend's living room as she requested. 4 weeks I've been doing it. Almost finishing. I can not share the pictures because it will be surprise for her. But time by time I have been taking the pictures, so at the end I will post them in here and explain it how I have done it! I am sure you will like it, why? because it is very simple and very easy to do!. All about colours, If you find right colours with the right hook; that's it!  Any way I will talk about it later, I promise!!

As you know that I am in Instagram too (@oyamearns), and when I post some pictures of my crochet works, always I put some "tags", like #crochet. #crochetlover, #crochetaddict etc. I found so many talented people from Instagram, and I really looooove to look at their own crochet projects, and honestly I really love to share my works with everybody:)

Today I especially talk about a new blog, which I found it recently. Excellent talented people has got together and created this blog:
I was so impressed when I saw the blog first time, and now I do always follow them:)
I really advise you to look at that blog, and you will find the contact details in there, also you can find them from Instagram too! Most importantly they like to share too ! I believe we all support them too!
I have learned one of their pattern from their blog, and also I have done with my own one, here it is:

Beautiful, isn't it? They call those pattern: The COURAGE FLOWER :)
You will find the pattern diagram and also explanation of this pattern in almost every languages on their blog/web page! (Turkish translation one is mine by the way:) I am so chuffed to help a little bid to those excellent women! Especially very special thanks to dear Jane   (@queen_babs)

Have a Great day:) ,  Oya Mearns

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