Monday 27 October 2014

Crochet: Blanket with BIG SQUAREs

Hi , one more project has been done!
This time I am very very happy because I made a blanket for my BOY !
My boy is a Jack Russell and he is 9 years old! He really loves to sit between me and my husband while watching TV, and always he asks a blanket to put his body! So this time I made a blanket for him, he is really chuffed!
There were some yarn , left overs, so I used them and look at the end what I ve got :

and look EDDIE is very happy for his own blanket:)

You will find the diagram of this squares, very simple and very fast to do it!


when I finished 9 big squares, then I attached them with Single Crochet;


and I really feel great when I finished my project!

Have a Great day:) ,  Oya Mearns

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